Construction Support

Project Progression

Bethlehem Greenway Commons built by Boyle Construction Company.

Keep your investors and project managers up-to-date from start to finish with scheduled progression photos to document every stage of your project.  We can schedule weekly, monthly, quarterly or on-demand progress photos and/or video.  Our advanced flight planning software allows us to plan a recurring path to ensure each progression shot is taken from the same location and height every time.  This automation makes comparing progress extremely accurate.  Our high-quality photos can also be used for marketing and advertising materials.


Topographical Mapping

44 Acre Topographical Map with 1 foot contour lines on a new construction site for Grace Industries.

The ultimate in precision aerial mapping services.  Save valuable resources, time and money when we provide survey-level accuracy topography maps.  We take your ground control points and do the rest.  The results are typically an average horizontal accuracy of 1/4″ and an average vertical accuracy of 1″.  Most surveys are completed within 1-2 days.  You get accurate, actionable data in just a fraction of the time.  We can provide multiple export format that is compatible with most common CAD programs.

Orthomosaic Mapping

St. Luke’s Care Now building on Lanark Rd in Center Valley

If accuracy is not what you need, an orthomosaic map can give you many details from your job site.  Our software stitches hundreds or even thousands of photos together to produce one single image of the highest quality imagery.  Orthomosaic Maps are typically completed in 1-2 days.  Multiple export formats are available for viewing in popular editing and mapping programs including Google Earth®

3-D Modeling

Take your orthomosaic & progression maps to the next level and turn your project into a 3D rendering.  We’ll take a live scan of the project and buildings to produce a 3D model that your clients can interact with and “see” the sight in it’s current state.